Last update to our questions: 9/31/16
FAA Private Pilot Question Bank: 09/28/16
We update our questions as often as the FAA updates their questions bank, or as often you report new questions to us.

Our Roadmap

Well, we want to accomplish the follow, and along the included timelines

  • Launch w/ the Private Pilot Ground School - DONE!
  • Update site as questions change - DONE!
  • Create an online email course, with Knowledge Test authorization cert. - In progress, right now.
  • Incorporate feedback - On going...
  • Develop the Instrument Rating Ground School - Currently in progress. Stay tuned.
  • Launch the Instrument Rating Ground School - Soon thereafter.
  • Do the rest...

That's the big picture.

Of course, we're working very hard on the little things, but you need not fret about those. That's really our job.

You should just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors (it's really why we do what we do!)
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Last updated, Sep. 27th, 2016.

-Ascent Team