Last update to our questions: 9/31/16
FAA Private Pilot Question Bank: 09/28/16
We update our questions as often as the FAA updates their questions bank, or as often you report new questions to us.

Great Features

Let's look at the great features:

* Incredibly affordable! (It's FREE!)
* Instant access.
* Simple to use.
* Self-paced.
* Available 24/7.
* Nothing to download.
* Easy to study outlines.
* Ascent Quick Quizzes.
* Ascent eFlash Cards.
* Lesson quizzes.
* Final Exams.
* Unlimited practice FAA tests.
* FAA reference library.
* Searchable content.


Incredibly affordable!

TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, ABSOLUTELY FREE access Ascent is the cheapest full-fledged online ground school (at least, we think so. I'm mean, what's cheaper than FREE?)



Instant Access!

No waiting around. At all. As soon as you pay for your access (through PayPal, an industry leader in safe, secure online payment processing), you'll be granted instant access to all Ascent Ground School content. So, if you want to get started immediately, go for it! We won't hold you up. Not now, not ever.



Simple, intuitive navigation

We’ve designed our ground school to be easy to use and easy to navigate. There are no hidden functionalities, or hard to find features of the ground school. In fact, you should be able to navigate easily around the entire website and know exactly where you are at all times. We’ve spent a bunch of time making the pages simple, easy to read, and easy to get around to and from. If they are not, please tell us why! (We’ll change ‘em!) If you’re the type that has to “see it to believe it”, head over to Lesson 1 or Lesson 2 of our Private Pilot Ground School, we offer them both free of charge. That way you’ll be able to see how simple and intuitively our website is arranged.




One of the best features of our ground school is that you can choose your own pace. If you’re a speed-reader and only have a weekend while the wife’s at her mother’s and the kids are on spring break, but all means cram all weekend! Or, if you’d like to allot an hour a week, and take your sweet time, then you are free to do that as well! We want you to learn at your own speed! That’s why we’ve given you 16 weeks access to the course. That’s a week for each lesson and two weeks for final prep.  And, if you need to take a lesson more than once, that’s ok too!  Your access is not regulated or structured. We think you actually know how it is that you learn, and if you need extra time on one lesson and not on others. You literally are king of your learning!



24/7 Availability

Are you a super early riser and like to study in the wee hours of the morning? Or, are you a night owl who doesn’t really get started until after everyone else is in bed? Or, are you a noon time student? No matter when you choose to study. We’ll be here. Just login and get cranking, night or day.



Nothing to download

How about this: you don’t have to download, install, configure, de-bug, or trouble shoot a single thing! All you have to do is login and study.
Yup, it’s that ridiculously simple.

In fact the only thing you’ll have to do with our ground school is print your course completion certificate/authorization to take your FAA knowledge test. And even that is ridiculously simple.



Easy to study outlines

Our outlines are very easy study because they’re written to cover only what needs to be covered, in a simple conversational style, without any extra distracting information.  Plus, they have added interactive features that help to ensure what you’re learning actually ends up sticking! Our Ascent Quick Quizzes and eFlash Cards that are part of every lesson expose you to the actual questions that will be asked during your FAA Knowledge Test.



Ascent Quick Quizzes

Ascent Quick Quizzes are unique to our lessons. They act as quick “spot-checks” after each sup-topic to reinforce the lesson content that was just covered as well as familiarize you with the wording of the actual questions the FAA asks during the knowledge test. So, these Quick Quizzes really do two things, they make you think about the information in a way that is directly geared to learning what the FAA wants you to have an understanding of, and they act to familiarize you with the wording of the FAA questions so that you can begin to recognize immediately what subject it is you are being asked about.  To get a better idea about Ascent Quick Quizzes, you can see them in action for free in Lesson 1 or Lesson 2 of our Private Pilot Ground School. Both lessons are completely free to try out.



Ascent eFlash Cards

Ascent Flash Cards are another uniqueness of our lessons.  eFlash cards are a simple and fast way to drill in the questions and answers that you should expect to see on your actual FAA Knowledge Test.  eFlash cards are at the end of each lesson and contain the FAA questions that were covered in the lesson topics. Each card is in question/answer format. You should be able to read the question, think of the answer, “flip” the card and check if you had the correct answer in mind. Flash cards. Online. Run through the entire set of cards until you feel satisfied that you know your stuff. If you’d like, go ahead and give them a try now, the eFlash Cards at the end of Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 are completely free to try.



Lesson Quizzes

Ascent Ground Schools offer a multiple choice study-quiz after each lesson. We call them “study-quizzes” because during these quizzes we tell you immediately if your selected answer was the correct one or not. We also tell you the reason why it was or wasn’t correct. And, if that weren’t enough, if you did happen to select the incorrect answer, we give you the option to go back re-read the question and answer it again with your new-found knowledge. This way, you can really drill in the correct concepts and actually “study” during your quiz! Give it shot right now, if you like. Take the  Lesson 1 or Lesson 2 Lesson Quiz for free!



Final Exams

At once you’ve completed all your ground school lessons, or as soon as you feel you’re prepared. You’ll have to pass to Final Exams to be issued your Course Completion Certificate/Authorization for FAA Knowledge Test. These two final exams are “mock” FAA Knowledge Tests. They are both exams of 60 randomly selected questions, and you’ll have 120 minutes to complete the exams. We don’t tell you whether you’ve selected the right or wrong answers until after the test is complete. That’s you’re your test will be instantly reviewed and graded. However, we do hold you to an 80% passing grade. (We figure if you can pass with an 80% grade two times here, you’ll have no problem passing the actual exam at the testing center, which carries only a 70% passing standard.) Upon completion of both Final Exams, you’ll receive a Course Completion Certificate/Authorization for the FAA Knowledge test. This document will grant the authorization you need to sit for the actual FAA Knowledge Test.



Unlimited Practice Tests

Take as many practice tests as you need to feel comfortable. Just be warned, you probably won’t need to take very many of these, if any at all. Our lessons, lesson quizzes, and final exams are excellent at preparing you to sit for the FAA Knowledge Test. But, just in case you want an extra practice test, or two, or twenty… they’ll be here waiting for you.



All FAA references

Need to read up on anything pilot related? Not to worry, we’ve got a library of FAA reference material that would make a king jealous! And it’s all searchable! From basic taxiing and engine starting, to complex DME arc to final instrument approaches, it’s all in there. For a listing of all the handbooks available with our ground schools, check out the FAA References link. And, if you would like a free preview of how we’ve displayed the content, might we suggest pursuing  the chapters of the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. That’s free to try and loaded with information.



Searchable content

All of our content is searchable. Period.

We’re a web-based company, offering web-based training. To do that, everything must be searchable, and, with fairly robust search features. So, we made everything searchable. Go ahead and give it a try, with either our basic search or our advanced search. See how many times the word “flap” is used across our whole site. Or, use the advanced search to find all the references to “angle of attack”. The power is yours. Use it for your own education.