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Failure on a Knowledge Test

Failure on a Knowledge Test

If you fail (score less than 70%) your Private Pilot Knowledge Test (which, WE GUARANTEE WON'T HAPPEN if you use our online ground school), you will have to retake the test before you can receive your pilot certificate. You may retake it after your instructor endorses the bottom of your Airman Computer Test Report attesting that you have received the necessary additional training to retake the test.

When you do go to retake the test, the procedure at the testing center is exactly the same (yes, you'll have to pay again too), and you must also submit your Airman Computer Test Report indicating the previous failure to the computer testing center.

However, there are a couple of items to consider...

Currently, the pass rate on the private pilot knowledge test is about 92%. So, what that means is that only 8 out of 100 people fail the test the first time they take it.

That's a pretty small number of people! And, they probably didn't:

  1. Study the all the material that they were going to be tested on.
  2. Practice answering the FAA test questions under simulated test conditions.
  3. And, probably exercised poor 'exam technique', such as misreading questions, making silly guesses at answers, and not understanding what the question was actually asking.

And, by using our online ground school, you definitely:

  1. Study all the material to be tested.
  2. Get tons of practice answering the FAA test questions, both in study and simulated test conditions.
  3. And, be so good at reading the question, knowing what it's asking, and selecting the correct answer, you'll fly through your test with ease!