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FAA Private Pilot Question Bank: 09/28/16
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Lesson 1  —  Aerodynamics of Flight
Lesson 2  —  Aircraft Instruments
Lesson 3  —  Aircraft Engines
Lesson 4  —  Airports and Air Traffic Control
Lesson 5  —  Federal Aviation Reg's: Part 1
Lesson 6  —  Federal Aviation Reg's: Part 2
Lesson 7  —  Navigation Systems & Equipment
Lesson 8  —  Sectional Charts & Publications
Lesson 9  —  Aircraft Performance
Lesson 10 — Aircraft Weight & Balance
Lesson 11 — Flight Planning
Lesson 12 — Aeromedical Factors & Aeronautical Decision Making
Lesson 13 — Weather
Lesson 14 — Aviation Weather Services

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8 Lesson quizzes.

Quizzes made up of the actual FAA Knowledge Test questions that are covered by each lesson's content are available after each lesson. These quizzes are study quizzes, meaning that for each question you'll immediately be told whether the answer you chose was correct or incorrect, and why. This allows you to learn from your answers and quickly reinforce the correct concepts. While the lesson quizzes should be taken after each lesson, you can access them whenever you'd like; you don't have to trudge through the lesson content every time you feel like taking the lesson quizzes. Try one out right now if you'd like, for free! Our Lesson 1 Quiz and Lesson 2 Quiz are available to try right now.

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Need a couple/few practice tests under your belt to build up your confidence before you head to the test center? No problem! Take as many as you need! You'll get unlimited practice tests generated with the click of button.

10 Complete FAA reference library.

We include access to our complete pilot reference library. All current FARs, the AIM, and over 20 reference handbooks. So, you can research till your heart, and mind, are content. We offer the first couple of chapters from each of our online references free for you to try out. Just head over to our FAA References page, and select from one of the 20+ handbooks and regulations there.

11 Advanced whole site search.

Search for that needle in the haystack concept fast and accurately using our basic and advanced search features. Search through the whole site, or narrow down to just a specific handbook chapter or ground school lesson. Bottom line, if you want to find some word or concept, it will be really easy to do so. Go ahead and give our search function a test drive completely for free, Advanced Search.

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